The Terrible Privilege of Life

photo via pixabay

The world lost a warrior this week. A brave young man who fought the good fight his entire life. Blake was 14 years old. I have no words for his family to help ease the burden of this tragic loss. Blake bravely battled leukemia for most of his life, he was a warrior in every sense of the word. I don’t know why life works this way, I only know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Life is a terrible privilege. It is filled with loss and pain, anger and darkness. Yet it is also filled with joy and freedom, love and light. There are burdens to be carried and beauty to be seen. So for today, in the name of Blake I will claim this day as my own. I will breath in and let my soul be filled with light. I will find the beauty around me and I will laugh and dance and sing for the day. I will cherish the gift of life for all that it is, the glad and the sad, the good and the bad. I will live this day to it’s fullest.

Growing old is a blessing and a curse, but it is a privilege denied to so many and so today, in the name of those who never had the chance, I will cherish my age and this terrible privilege of life.

Wherever you are, grab your loved ones and hug them tight. If you’re alone, give yourself a hug from me. Pour light and love out into the universe, because it sorely needs it. Life is strange, and uncertain; and oh so very, very precious.

“Tears in Heaven” is a ballad written by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings about the pain Clapton felt following the death of his four-year-old son, Conor in 1991.

~Peace ~JPP

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