A Jolt for Volt

FFFC 2.25.19]

For Fandango’s new Flash Fiction Challenge (yeah)

A Jolt for Volt

“Volt! You get back here right now!” Yelled Mother.

Volt just laughed as he ran in the opposite direction.

“You are too little to power yourself up now GET BACK HERE!”

Volt scampered along. He was not too little! He was almost complete, he had a socket and a filament in his bulb and a plug attached to his back. It just wasn’t fair! If he could get one good charge, he would really shine!

“Volt, you put that plug right back on mister! If you put one prong in that socket, you are in big, big trouble. Don’t. touch. the. socket! VOLT!!!”

With a determined shove,Volt pushed his plug into the receptacle. ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! Sparks skittered everywhere and little Volt was jolted back several inches across the floor. He lay there for a moment, stunned and smoking.

“What were you thinking? You’re just a little 12 amp lamp honey, you need to grow up or at least have an adapter before you try a 110v charge,” Mother soothed

Volt sat up and suddenly his little bulb began to glow like a tiny sun. “Adapter? They make and adapter?” Volt grinned while Mother shook her head.

word count 195

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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