face-by Arte anomina on pixabay
art by Arte Anomina on pixabay

For dverse poets this week’s prompt: blame and forgiveness. Either one. Or both. There are no other constraints. 


You messed up, bad
and now you’re sorry
I get that, and
I forgave you a long time ago
not for your sake, but for mine
your being sorry
and my forgiving you
doesn’t change what you did
it doesn’t change
the way I see you now
the way I feel about you now
or what I think of you now

They say some wounds
just cut too deep
some scars never heal
they fade and
become a part of you
like a half-forgotten story
there are lines
that once crossed
cannot be crossed back over
like cruel words
that once spoken,
cannot be unsaid

Everyone has limits
everyone has boundaries
you violated mine
like an unwanted toy,
you threw me away,
and that’s where I’ll stay
away, from the pain
away, from the memories
away, from you
where the scars can fade
and the stories
can be forgotten

Til next time ~Peace JPP

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