The Wall

kira sun scribbles 2.24.19

For Kira’s Sunday Scribbles. Kira has given us a truly moving piece this week. Without further ado, I give you my interpretation:

The Wall

Long ago, there was a land
both fair and green
and the people there were happy
as they worked to build their dream
neighbors came from far and near
their fortunes there to find
and were welcomed to the new world
by people generous and kind

And so it was for many years
over all the land joy did reign
until one day there came a demon
with angry words of fire and pain
“This land is OURS!” he shouted
“We have no need to share!
These freeloaders must be banished
and sent back over there!”

And so the man of angry words
proposed to build a wall
an ugly thing of stone and fear
so thick and wide and tall
He sent away the neighbors
saying “we do not want you here!”
and he took away their children
and filled their hearts with fear

The wall hurt all the people
and I can tell you plainly
it may have hurt the grown-ups
but it hurt the children, mainly
It hurts everybody everyday
kills dreams without even trying
it leaves the children all alone
hurt and scared and crying

There is a way to stop the wall
with wisdom and kind hearts
I’m absolutely sure that we could stop
the wall before it starts
Yes we could tear it down
and open wide the doors
but no one seems to want to save
the children anymore

That’s the way it all appears
a wall made up of grief and tears
in spite of all the kindly hearts
who may just not know where to start

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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