True Confessions or OhSoWay/OhNoWay #9

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So Rory, over at a guy called bloke, has this new question challenge going and it really got me to chuckling so here’s my take on these very poignant questions on this week’s Oh No Way/Oh So Way

Questions – well’ish ish!

I have eaten snails – So Way, great with butter and garlic

Received a speeding ticket – So Way more than one *hanging head in shame*

Fallen asleep during an important meeting- So No Way, I can barely fall asleep when I’m TRYING

Sunbathed nude – So Way and I’ve got the freckles in unmentionable spots to prove it

Taken part in a talent show. – So Way – and won!

Worn Crocs – So No Way – ewwwww, I mean seriously? ewwwww

Screamed at a scary scene in a movie showhouse – So Way – I’m not allowed to go to them any more that’s how bad it was

Been involved in a hit and run – So Way but it was with a deer and he didn’t press charges

Been locked outside when naked – Oh So Way – ‘ nuff said

Been approached by a hooker – Oh So Way – but I turned her down (politely).

Re – gifted a gift to someone else that l was gifted. -Oh So Way, I mean really, who hasn’t?

Fallen over something in the street whilst texting – Sort of Way, I wasn’t texting but I was trying to answer the $#@#$%&%#( phone!

Fallen asleep on the toilet – Oh So Way – well in front of it, almost drowned, you figure it out.

Had sex in a tent – Oh So Way why else would they have invented camping?

Properly kissed someone of the same sex – Oh So Way – ’nuff said

Surfed – Oh So Way – duhhh, I was born in Southern California!

Had sex on the first date. – Oh So Way – not my proudest moment

Holidayed in a nudist camp – Oh So Way, it was actually a “clothing optional” beach. Let me tell you, there’s a really good reason they invented clothing, it keeps sand out of delicate places.

So, that’s my answers for this week. Back to you Rory!

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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