An Intellectual Spoon Bender FPQ # 15


Fandango has posed another of those intellectual spoon benders this week.

The fundamental cause of the trouble is that, in the modern world, the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubts.”

Do you concur with Mr. Russell’s perspective? Why or why not?

Well, I’ve read posts by a lot of bloggers whose opinions I respect and, frankly I totally agree with all of them.

Li’s got some awesome points
Ursula nails the big issue so well
And Caramel has a lot of good points about avoiding super-sillyness

I can’t say a whole lot more and not sound like I’m babbling. But … (saw that coming didn’t you?) I’m just going to say my little bit and let greater minds than mine debate this issue.

I’m going to run with the basic concept which I believe the quoted portion of the essay points out, that stupid people are cocksure and intelligent people are filled with doubt, and that’s a problem. Do I agree with that? Yep, sure do, roger dodger, okeydokey, affirmative, doi, et. al. Why? Well, because I’ve seen a lot of it in my 6 plus decades in this world. We all know those cocksure folk, the ones who “know” the answer. Their answer is the only answer, they are right and EVERYBODY else is wrong. OK, I admit it, I think those people are stupid with a capital “S.” Because they cannot grasp the simple concept that they could be wrong, or even not entirely correct, or that someone else might have a point. That’s what I classify as stupidity, the inability to see beyond your own opinion. I’ve know some people with scary high IQ’s who are stupid. They see what they want to see and nothing else matters. It’s easier for them I suppose to hold fast to their own superiority than to do a grey matter workout and extrapolate a new idea. So, yeah, stupid people are cocksure and vice versa.

What about intelligent people? Define intelligent. Because I know people with IQ’s in the 200’s who can’t put their shoes on the right feet and people who never completed high school who make me feel like a moron. One of the things I’ve lost over the years is my ability to have a solid opinion. Superhubs calls me an octagon because I see eight sides to every situation. That kind of thinking fills you with doubt and frankly, I’m never really sure about anything.

“What color is the sky today?” Blue, right? Well actually the sky is the same color it is every day and every night, it’s just that the sunlight is refracting differently and from your position it probably looks blue, but to someone standing a few blocks away, it may look aquamarine, farther out of town clouds may obscure it and it may appear grey, to someone on the other side of the world closer to sunset, it may be a blend of firey reds and oranges, to someone in space it looks well, black (total absence of color) and to a person with color blindness, who know what color it really looks like. See?  Filled with doubt, about everything. I get by most days by just assuming that most things are what I believe them to be thereby avoiding the rabbit hole of over analyzing every.single.thing. Just in case you’ve ever wondered about the downside of having a very high IQ, here’s a little link that I though explained it pretty well.  Zenfounder

So yeah, cocksure people are (IMO) stupid and intelligent people are filled with doubt and yep, it’s a problem. What’s the answer to that problem? *insert shrug here* No idea. Here’s what I do believe, for any problem there is seldom just one solution.

Whew, that was a lot of heavy thinking Fandago. I’m going to go lie down with a cold rag on my forehead and watch reruns of The Matrix. 😉

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

12 thoughts on “An Intellectual Spoon Bender FPQ # 15

  1. Great post! It’s such an interesting subject this week – Fandango has lit a spark!

    Lol – I clicked the link you posted to my thoughts on super-sillness and it led to another blogger’s post 🙂 the one posted by Melanie of Sparksofacombustablemind

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  2. “Whew, that was a lot of heavy thinking Fandago. I’m going to go lie down with a cold rag on my forehead and watch reruns of The Matrix.” Yes, it was, so go ahead, relax, and enjoy. Of course, I’m late in responding to your post, so you’re probably not still watching The Matrix. Maybe one of the sequels?

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