A Wild Lament

FFFC 2.18.19

A Wild Lament

She always came out in the late morning. Bathing in the little creek that ran near her cottage. They said she was a witch, but the animals didn’t care, a few of them came every morning to listen as she played her flute. Her song lilted through the crisp morning air, then turning to a slightly mournful score filled with quiet solitude and, perhaps, just a touch of loneliness. It was her offering to the day, a wild lament of the beauty and loneliness of a girl alone with nature. The littlest deer came closer and closer gazing up at her with brown eyes filled with adoration.

“BAMBI! You get away from that human right now, you know they’re dangerous!” Snorted the doe.

“Awwww mom,” the littlest deer complained, but he turned and went back to his mother.

The girl watched them go, a little woodland family. A tear slid down her cheek as she walked back to her cottage all alone.

word count 162

For Fandango’s new Flash Fiction Challenge, come join in the fun.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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