The Advantages of Being A Woman Artist

2.15.19 FPF Women Artists

For Found Poetry February day 15. Sometimes found poetry is simply something I “find” that is poetry to me. I found this gem at the Wellington, NZ Te Papa Museum. The picture isn’t great, it’s really hard to shoot through glass on a lit display so I’ve recapped it for you below.

The Advantages of Being A Woman Artist:

  • Working without the pressure of success
  • Not having to be in shows with men
  • Having an escape from the art world in your 4 free-lance jobs
  • Knowing your career might pick up after you’re eighty
  • Being reassured that whatever kind of art you make it will be labeled feminine
  • Not being stuck in a tenured teaching position
  • Seeing your ideas live on in the work of others
  • Having the opportunity to choose between your career and motherhood
  • Not having to choke on those big cigars or paint in Italian suits
  • Having more time to work when your mate dumps you for someone younger
  • Being included in revised versions of art history
  • Not having to undergo the embarrassment of being called a genius
  • Getting your pictures in art magazines wearing the gorilla suit

A public service message from GUERILLA GIRLS conscience of the art world


Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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