Fandango’s Provocative Question # 14 A question of objectivity


Fandango asks another great mind puzzler this week  FPQ # 14

Do you believe that anyone can really experience anything objectively? Why or why not?”

No. Why? Because we are human. As living, thinking, sentient beings, we are the product of our experiences and perceptions. Have you ever played the gossip game? The one where you all line up and the first person reads a whispered message to the next person, and so on down the line. By the time the same message is repeated by a dozen of so people, the message will have changed significantly.

Humans are by nature, I believe, the sum of our senses. We see, we hear, the smell, we feel, we think, we reason each of us in our own way. Police deal with it every day, two witnesses to the same event will often have significantly different stories.

Have you ever done the Yanny vs. Laurel experiment? Here’s one version of it complete with explanations:

Humans are individuals, we pride ourselves on it. This does not even take into account the emotional and mental differences. I don’t think anyone is capable of being truly objective because we’ve also got experiences that change our perceptions. I like to think that I am capable of making logical unbiased decisions when called for. But can I ever be considered truly objective? No, I have “feelings” and “emotions” and “intuitions” and various other mystical manifestations of subconscious that are just too much a part of my being to ever really be silenced. I’m OK with that, it’s one of the gifts of my age. No, I’m not capable of being objective, and that’s just fine.

That’s all from me til next time ~Peace ~JPP

One thought on “Fandango’s Provocative Question # 14 A question of objectivity

  1. I like to believe that I am capable of seeing things objectively, but I also agree with pretty much everything you wrote in this post. It makes so much sense. So maybe I’m just fooling myself if I think I can experience anything truly objectively.

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