Tell the story challenge – Summer’s Tribute

Thanks to Kristian for the tag. Kristian tagged me a few days ago as well but I wasn’t able to respond to that challenge right away due to time constraints. I’ve combined them here.  Double thanks for not giving up on me. 😉

tellthestory # 11Tell the story challenge # 11

tellthestory 2.12.19Tell the Story challenge 2.12.19

Summer’s Tribute

The ground wasn’t red any more. All the stains of violence were gone. The Summer Queen noticed that first. Then she saw the efforts humans had put into restoring the peace and beauty to the land, but the scars of magical violence lingered still. Not visible to the human eye, her fairy senses could still feel the monstrous betrayal of Winter’s Frost Giants. They had burned that fair land with magic blue frost and in it’s wake left dying trees to fall and crush the helpless. The humans thought it a tragic accident, a freak winter storm,  Summer’s Queen knew better.

She never forgot, not in all the endless millennia of her reign had the Summer Queen forgotten the loss of an innocent. The garden was lovely but in her eye, something was missing, a reminder, a tribute. She whispered a spell as her fingers wove intricate details. Vines cropped up and twined around each other making stout forms, the leaves began to sprout. The Queen gazed at her creation, the forms of the three young boys who had been lost that terrible day. Here they would laugh and play and ride bicycles in warmth and love, under the protection of the Summer Queen until all the long days of her life were spent.

word count 215

Now for a couple more tags and a new picture:

moon over Bryce

I tag:

Melanie at Sparksfromacombustiblemind
Li who talks a good tao at

And … anybody else who would like to make up a story to accompany the picture. The picture is from my Serenity Shot Sunday 12.30.18 collection and was taken by my own little self. Not telling anything more about it ’cause that would be cheating. 😉

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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