I am so tuned in to that film #3

Rory over at aguycalledbloke has this new film/music challenge which is quite, well, challenging 😉 Do check it out and join in a little rockin’ of the old noggin’

This weeks entries are a bit more … obscure than last and I had to really shake the ole’ noodle loose OK and pester Superhubs a bit as his memory of release years is much better than mine.

Flash by Queen
Movie: Flash Gordon (duh), premiered in I believe 1980. Starred Max Von Sydow and Timothy Dalton those are all I can remember it was as I recall not an extremely memorable movie.

Not Going Home Anymore
Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, released in 1969 starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford. As a side note, this movie has the dubious honor of being the first movie I ever sat through an entire day of viewings (I watched it 6 times in one day, in the same seat, in the same theater until I HAD to go home.)

Virtuosic Piano Solo
Talk about a “song” that doesn’t give you any hints from the title or video! OK it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow theme. Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean, released in 2003 starring: Kira Knightly and Orlando Bloom and, of course Johnny Depp

Braveheart Theme
Oooohhh I love Enya. Anyway Movie: Braveheart released in 1995 Starring: Mel Gibson and I’m sure others but who cares, am I right?

The Mission main theme
Movie – well, The Mission released in the US, late 1980’s? Starring Jeremy Irons and Robert Deniro talk about a powerhouse combo!

Seven Samurai
Movie Seven Samurai released in the 1950’s Starring: I have no idea this was before my movie watching days and not a genre I watch a LOT of. In fact, the only way I know it is that when I researched “the magnificent seven” this movie was listed as what “Magnificent Seven” was adapted from.

Forbidden Colors
Movie: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, not sure when it came out but I’m thinking early 1980’s no idea who starred in it.

Prelude and rooftop
Movie: Vertigo (yeah I got that from the graphic) released: 1958 kind of before my time but it’s Hitchcock need I say more? starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak what a classic power combo that is!

That’s all the shakin the dull grey matter can take for one morning. Now for a superior cup of Oolong and some poetry.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP




4 thoughts on “I am so tuned in to that film #3

  1. Well done JP, excellent – it’s hard to get some of these tracks without having something of the movies themselves mentioned, l am l see going to have to up the shift here and seek out a bit more obscure – well done on the information provided already though :0

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    1. It’s funny, I’d have never gotten the one on Seven Samurai except for the name in the title and the research on Magnificent Seven. Who knew that would ever come in handy. I should probably disqualify myself from this, Superhubs calls me the “repository of all useless knowledge in the galaxy” and my 40-year old son calls me for answers to “are you smarter than a 5th grader.” rofl 😉

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