Teddy Bears and the Brigade

kira sun scribbles 2.3.19

This week’s Kira’s Sunday Scribble left my in a quandary.  I really, really wanted to write a cute little poem about the brave Teddy Bear Brigade. But alas, the picture isn’t saying that to me and it’s screaming louder and louder that if I write some cutesy little piece about it, it will …. well I don’t know what but never underestimate the power of art or Teddy Bears! So, without further ado,

Teddy Bears and the Brigade

The Captain stood imploring the Sightless One’s help. He was the Captain of the Royal Guard but it was his tiny frail daughter for whom he sought counsel.

“The vision is strong,” said the old seer taking the girl’s hand. “What do you see child, show me.”

Marybeth was a simple reader. Her psychic talent to read the intentions of those near her for good of for ill. “I see the sky, beautiful and pink, the ground and trees are colored ripe with spring. Demons are holding one bear hostage while the other lies grievously wounded. Oh no no I cannot look, so much pain.” Marybeth screamed and fainted.

The old seer reached out her sight to the window, “now, it is now,” she whispered. “Go quickly!” She commanded the Captain who looked at his daughter and then back to the seer in confusion. “Don’t stand there fool, it is the Queen and the Princess. They are kidnapped and one has been badly injured. The time is now, you must find them quickly ere all is lost.” She shoved the Captain towards the door and handing him his weapons as he bolted through the door.

The old seer, flowed back across the room and sank gracefully to the floor, cradling Marybeth’s head in her lap, stroking her brow, whispering “twil be alright my love, the Teddy Bears are saved, the brigade is coming.”

word count 233

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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