Stream of Consciousness Saturday Affirm


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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “affirm.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Shara stood on the bank of stream deep in the Greenwood. The Queen of the Greenwood Fairies stood before her in her deep green gown. The gold trim glinted in the filtered sun causing Shara to blink. Or perhaps it was the moisture welling unsummoned behind her eyes. She was home, at long last she had found a home. Bother the humans who had cast her out and tried to burn her. She had survived and found a family amongst the fae folk. Fairies of every size and color from tiny pastel pixies buzzing about like little bees to the full grown forest fairies, still no larger than a human child swarmed around her. This was the first time a human had been adopted into the queendom on the fae. Shara jerked her attention back to the Queen. “Do you Shara of the Greenwood, swear and affirm that you will do your best to aid and protect the great forests of our world?” The Queen smiled at her adopted daughter.

“I do so swear and affirm” responded Shara.

“Do you further swear and affirm that you will not use your magical gifts for ill, that you will aid your fae sisters as best you can and that you will harm none under the protection of this forest queendom?”

“I do so swear and affirm.”

The Queen smiled hugely, her already beautiful face glowing brightly with pride and love. “Then by the power granted me by the Great Mother Earth, I do hereby name you ‘Shara Witch of the Greenwood’ you have done well my daughter.” She held out her arms to Shara who ran into her embrace while the fairies and pixies caroled their joy to the bright sunlit sky.

Word count 290

A little longer than I would have preferred but sometimes my consciousness streams that way. 😉

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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