Spoonie Saturday – Escapist Coloring Challenge

This is my January Escapist Coloring Challenge piece brought to us by Lindaghill.com   I finally got it finished. Coloring is an awesome way to relax, it leaves the mind free to wander, roam, or meditate. It has vast recuperative powers for mind, body and spirit all of which are very important, particularly Spoonies.

2.2.19 Spoonie Sat

So, what I do with these colored pages once they’re finished. I use them for backgrounds for my Smash Art Journal, sometimes for homemade greeting cards and various other crafty things like this:

2.2.19 Spoonie Sat. 2

I love the meditative quality of coloring, the blending of shades and shapes. To quote my three-year-old great grandson “color is good.” So grab a coloring book, or a sketch, or something you printed off the internet and come join in the fun. Discover all the different creative sides you have to offer. Most of all enjoy!

Til next time ~May the Spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP

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