I am so tuned into that film – 2

So Rory has started a fun new challenge, check it out. Here are my “best guesses”

1 – Spoonful of sugar – Movie – Mary Poppins (the original) Starring – Julie Andrews and Dick VanDyke

2 – Gangsta Paradise – Movie – Dangerous Minds Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer and I don’t know who else.

3 – Pretty woman – Movie of the same title Pretty Woman   Starring: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

4 – Can you feel the love tonight – Movie – Lion King Starring: Matthew Broderick (grown Simba) and Beyonce (grown Nala)

5 – Jai Ho – Movie – Slumdog Millionaire – Starring: nobody I know.

6 – Let it Go – Movie – Frozen – Starring:  Kristen Bell (Anna) and Idina Menzel (Elsa)

7 – Danger Zone – Movie – Top Gun – Starring: Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis

8 – Streets of Philadelphia – Movie – Philadelphia – Starring: Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington

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