SoCS – ad/add/AD

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ad/add/AD (Anno Domini).” Use one, use ’em all–bonus points if you fit them all into your post. Have fun!  Thanks to for today’s interesting prompt.  Here we go, please excuse the tendency to ramble, it is Stream of Consciousness after all.  😉

It was in the year the ancients called 2469 AD that the Great Mother Earth grew angry. Ravaged by pollution, overpopulation and war, she shook herself much as a wet dog might shake the water from it’s coat and in a series of horrendous natural disasters that swept the planet, she rid herself of most of mankind.

She began to add back things that had been long forgotten in man’s quest for science. Perhaps it was not so much a matter of adding but of allowing it to rise. And rise it did. Magic became a matter of daily activity. Magic runs our lights, heats our homes, improves our coffee. I am Star and my people are the survivors of those dark days. Now we respect and love our planet and never again will we allow her to be harmed in such a way.

Little survived from the years AD to the current year of 865 AMR (After Magic Rising) so we don’t know much about daily life of our ancestors, but recently our eco-technos who study such things, unearthed a stash of some sort of old printings. Large detailed artwork of some sort of bizzare conflict called a “Super Bowl” littered with something called an “ad” we are still trying to learn more about what it means, but it seems clear that the ancients were a vastly different and violent people.

word count 232

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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