Inch by Inch


For the Just Jot it January # 17 brought to us by, thanks Linda

Many thanks to John Holton for today’s prompt: Inch

My writing exercise for today:

“Write a 100 word story about a single moment, a conversation at breakfast, a personal decision, an interaction with a stranger. Any single moment focus on the detail of that moment.”

Inch by Inch

Step by step, inch by inch, she crept closer. The moment between one foot coming down soundlessly in front of the other. Her breath was quiet and still. Tiny sounds came to her from the alleyway. A mouse skittering to it’s hole, a moth mindlessly bumping against the globe of the street lamp, the sounds of people coming and going, living and breathing; out of sight on the other side of the darkness. Shadows moved across the ground, clouds passing over the moon high in the sky as her eyes adjusted to the deep gloom of the alley. She waited.

Word count 100

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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