Home Again a Tell the Story Challenge

finish the story 1.16.19
Photo credit: Rawkkim @ Unsplash

Fandango tagged me for this story challenge where we are supposed to:

  1. write something in response to the photo you are given (above)
  2. pick a picture of your own (see the end of the post), and
  3. tag three other bloggers to do the same.

Home Again

Xerena waved a hand and unbound the wards on her front door. Inserting the key in the mundane lock, she shouldered the door open. Dropping her knapsack on the floor, she looked around. The flat was tiny, old and cluttered, but it was home.

Books were stacked neatly but magazines were scattered all over the floor open to various articles on ghosts. “Charee,” Xerena called out across the room.

Charee appeared from the other room. Xerena stared at her twin for a moment, they were identical but for their hair. Charee’s was a pale silver where as Xerena sported a vibrant shade of blue. “Got bored did you?”

Charee nodded and watched while Xerena set about picking up the magazines and straightening the mess. When Xerena finished, she grabbed a book and several small pots from a shelf. When she had settled at her desk, she motioned Charee to join her. Charee came up behind her twin, reading over her shoulder.

“Let’s see what we find today.” Xerena smiled as she opened the book to the section “How can a incorporeal being gain physical form.”

Charee pressed her insubstantial hand to her sister’s face and smiled.

word count 196

Now for my nominations:

Tales from the Mind of Kristian
Melanie @ Sparks from a combustible mind

And *insert drumroll here* – my picture. I’m really anxious to see what you come up with.

tracks and sky pixabay
photo credit Pixabay

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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