The Fires of Life

For Kira’s incredibly inspiring Sunday Scribble — do come join in on the magic carpet of your imagination.

kira sun scribbles 1.13.19

The Fires of Life

Flames rise higher in the night
Waves of fire in pure delight
fan the flames and feed the fire
send it scorching, higher, higher

Sent upward with a devil’s fright
removing colors from our sight
til naught is left but sullen red
and darkened forest on which it fed

Far away upon a hill
stands figure tall and still
commanding fire with revels bright
as the flames leap up into the night

When comes the dawn he fades away
for morning’s fire he cannot stay
The dawning of the new born day
will bring the rain to quench the flames

And down below through
fire and rain
through muddy ashes
lined with pain

Lies the seed of unbroken will
that with the sun’s love begins to fill
the darkened forest yet again
as the greening once more begins

And so it is with life’s travails
fires of pain are quenched with tears
til love grows free once again
with the timeless march of years

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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