Just Jot it January 13


For Just Jot it January brought to us by lindaghill.com


Thanks to Teresa for today’s prompt: Undiscovered  


Gwren was flustered. No, it was more like, frustrated, no more like angry, no pissed off, that what he was royally pissed off! He pulled his sword and proceeded to exact his revenge for the unappealing emotion on an unoffending oak tree. He struck and dodged and danced in a training routine, magic flowing into the blade as he struck again and again. It was good to be training, it took all his attention. No distractions. He whirled the blade overhead and brought it down in a solid blow that completely severed a branch the size of an ogre’s arm.

He bent, breathing hard and sweating, dropping the tip of the sword to the ground. It was then that he noticed that Firesbane, his sword was smoking and glowing a sullen red. That was the problem with enchanted weapons. They tended to pick up on their owners emotions. Emotions, blast them. Silly things. Warriors did not need emotions. Blast the girl, didn’t she see that he was trying to teach her? Fralaxias knew what powers lay undiscovered in that girl, waiting for just the right nudge to emerge. He had to push her hard, she had to work harder, there were worlds at stake here!

Gwren noticed his sword again as the grass next to his foot began to smolder. He lifted the blade and cleaned it, murmuring magic phrases, calming tones to the sword. He breathed deeper, calmer after the workout. Perhaps he was too hard on her, she was so young after all. And delicate, and beautiful. Gwren thought of Star’s eyes, the depth of the green, rimmed with deep gold and he felt a softening in his heart. Yes, she was young, and aggrevating, and somehow fragile. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to spank her or kiss her. He took his whetstone and began to sharpen Firesbane as he wondered.

Word count 314

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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