Fire Fairy


Fire Fairy

The waters were still in the pond where Faelinn crouched. She scooped up a handful of water and splashed it on her face. Watching the ripples as they radiated out, only to vanish in the depths. As the water stilled once again, Faelinn stared at her reflection. The black hair streaked with sullen red lay lank and lifeless against her shoulders. Her face was dirty and she felt the grit and grime of the last days heavy upon her fair skin. The water looked cold and blissfully clean.

Faelinn could stand it no more. Glancing around to make sure she was alone, she shucked off her clothes. Standing on her tip toes, she fanned her small wings and with their scant aid, launched herself into a perfect dive. She knifed through the water surfacing not far away gasping at the shock of the cold. Her wings now curled tightly to her back she swam, paddling languidly the length of the pond.

A flash of light and sparkles appeared nearby. Faelinn smiled at the tiny visage of Randiriel, the pixie, hovering before her eyes. Faelinn smiled, “I couldn’t stand the dirt any longer Randi, I have to get clean.”

Randiriel seemed to understand and with a humming buzz, she disappeared, only to reappear moments later lugging a huge bar of soap.

“Oh I couldn’t,” Faelinn shook her head, “that belongs to Xerephenia you silly pixie, she’d have my hide for stealing it.”

“brzzz borrowedddddd” came Randi’s buzzing reply. She dropped the bar of soap on a floating lilly pad and soaped her tiny hands setting about fiercely scrubbing Faelinn’s long hair.

“Oh that is wonderful,” Faelinn purred, “if only the water weren’t quite so cold.”

“Brrrzzz heat itttt.” Randi nodded decisively toward the pond.


“Brrrzzz firrrrreee.” Buzzed Randi.

A slow dawn of comprehension began in Faelinn’s mind. Could she heat the water with her own fire? Just a little, not too much. Surely that would not be a misuse of power. She reached out her hand as she gathered a wee bit of fire magic and pushed it slowly out the water. Her hand glowed red under the surface and shortly the water became pleasantly less chilled. Not truly warm but definitely not cold. Faelinn smiled as Randi dove and darted scrubbing her hair. Then at Randi’s insistence, she dunked her entire body under the water to rinse. Her hair floated out behind her like a black and red star burst on the water.

She surfaced laughing and spouting water. As she looked toward the edge of the pond, she saw another reflection on the water’s surface. Frendl’s imposing form stood above the pond’s edge. Faelinn wanted to draw back beneath the surface and disappear but she noticed that Frendl, the fire demon, was smiling.

“So you figured out how to heat your bath did you?” He smiled at her with a glint in his eye as he lofted a splash of water at her with his foot.

Word count 500

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

For the Just Jot it January challenge brought to us by

Today’s prompt “reflection” brought to us by Janet


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