fffaw 1.8.19
photo credit  Jodi McKinney


Solanj looked up at the sunbeams breaking through the single cloud that cluttered an otherwise perfectly clear sky. “Thank goodness there’s no long range shot involved in this job,” she thought to herself. “Would have to make adjustments for the light refraction.”

Solanj looked at the sky again. Was there another time she had seen such a cloud obscuring the sun? Many years ago? Was there some emotion she had attached to it back then? Beauty perhaps, awe even? She shook her head, no use wool gathering. Emotions were for people, not agents. “No joy, no rage, no fear, no fate.” Solanj repeated her mantra under her breath as she made her way through the crowded park searching for her mark.

word count 121

Written for the FFfAW 199th. This is an excellent learning opportunity folks, and it’s fun to boot. Pop over and give it a try.

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