The Ship Came at Dawn

IMG_1062 (2)

Star knelt on the dry sand, watching the waves. She wore her leathers and all her weapons, but no armor. Armor wasn’t a good idea on a sea voyage.

Gwren and Frendl watched the ever lightening sky with forlorn glances at the water. Star smiled slightly but was careful to keep it hidden. The fireworkers were unsettled by the water, of course. Water was their elemental opposite and they were taking a voyage across an ocean to the kingdom of the Water Guardian, the most powerful of the water elementals. Their magic might well be useless.

The sunrise breached the horizon with a brilliant flash. There was the ship as promised emerging from the flaring light. By far the oddest ship Star had ever seen, no sails yet it moved quickly through the nearly still waters, waves parting before the bowsprit.

Xerephenia touched Star lightly on the shoulder and motioned toward the froth surrounding the ship’s hull.

“Water sprites,” she twitched her nose in thought, “not much power but certainly enough to get us to our destination.”

Xerephenia circled her arm over head “Let’s get ready to load up,” she called to the company who were already gathering their gear.

Word count 200

For the Just Jot it January challenge by

Many thanks to Toortsie for the prompt: Sunrise

and for the Word of the Day challenge: Forlorn

And my personal Flash Fiction challenge – 200 word story

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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