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JusJoJan Day 7

Thanks to for this great way to start the year challenge and thanks to Tara for the prompt


Solanj watched the man across the table. Highly unusual this meeting. But the tip had come from a trusted source so she waited. His eyes told her nothing. Bright blue eyes, china blue, that was what she had once called them. Had she known someone with that color eyes? Hard to remember.

The man said nothing, and Solanj continued to wait. She was good at this, waiting, watching for the opening that always came.

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you here,” his voice was smooth and deep, much like the bourbon he swirled in his glass.

Solanj said nothing but nodded her head slightly.

“There is a job I need a partner for,” he continued “and you would be my first choice.”

“Why?” Solanj noted that her own voice was cold and cautious, good.

The man fiddled with a small object dangling from a chain that he held, a token of some sort. “It’s simply too complex for one agent.”

“No, why should I help you?” This time Solanj let disdain color her voice.

“You owe me,” he stated matter-of-factually.

A slight shift in his eye color told Solanj there was more. He tossed a spent shell attached to a gold chain across the table to her.

“A memento for you.”

Solanj eyed it without touching it. A 7.62r, sniper ammo. She felt a sudden phantom pain in her left shoulder. She had taken a round of that caliber many years ago when she had made an incredibly rare error in judgment. And he knew. Nobody outside of the company knew about the incident.

Solanj cocked an eyebrow, “I’m listening.”

Word count 291


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