Master Your Power – Flash Fiction


Master Your Power – Flash Fiction

Star walked away from the argument. Stalked, huffed, stomped off was more like it. She was angry. “To master your magic, you must master your feelings,” she muttered in a sing-song imitation of her mentor’s voice.

“Huh” she stammered under her breath “how exactly am I supposed to master my feelings when I don’t even know what I feel at any given moment?”

She stopped in a wooded clearing and felt the calm peace of the forest envelope her. The soft scent of cedar mixed with the musty smells of decaying leaves in the plush undergrowth. Star closed her eyes and opened her arms. She felt the presence of the forest, that warm green power all around her. The power of growth, the power of decay and rejuvenation, the power of life. It gathered in her hands, ready to answer to her will. She looked down to find the bright green aura throbbing on her palms, without thinking, Star brought her hands together and shot the power out as a green bolt that streaked several yards before bursting into a pile of dead branches. The resulting explosion scattered the limbs in a fountain of bits of wood and leaves. It also left a great smoking hole where the pile had been.

“Holy testicle tuesday I did it!” Star cried the expletive as she rushed to extinguish the smoldering remains before it started a forest fire.

Star had just finished when she heard the steady footfalls of her companions. She stood amongst the smoldering debris, smudged with soot and dirt wondering how on earth she was going to explain this one.

Word count 270

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

For Just Jot it January 6th

Thanks to Sadje for the prompt Master


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