JusJoJan 4 – The Watcher

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A flash fiction piece for today’s Just Jot it January prompt: Enigmatic.  Thanks to Virgo Beauty and Lindaghill for the prompt.

The Watcher

Solanj stood to one side of the hotel lobby, studying her subject. The woman was tall and lean, with dark enigmatic features that made it impossible to determine her origins. She had the muscled frame of a fighter, not sculpted, but sleek. She would be hard to pin if it came to wrestling. Hell she could have come from a fairy kingdom for all Solanj knew or cared.

Solanj continued to study her target, with a hunters eyes, taking in tiny details that might indicate a hidden weak spot. Solanj wondered what exactly the woman had done to warrant interest from the company. This was not Solanj’s first scouting expedition, but it was the first time she did so without the end of the mission clear in her mind. Ah, well, her task tonight was to evaluate and report. The Board would decide the woman’s fate. Solanj clicked several unobtrusive pictures with her tiny cell camera and continued to watch.

Word count 160

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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