30 day song challenge – day 4

30 day song challenge

Today’s prompt: a song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget.

Yeah, OK. This is one of those overlooked treasures and it perfectly describes how I ended a really, really bad relationship. I’m no martyr, not now, not ever. Enjoy.

Lovers Cross

Guess that it was bound to happen
just a matter of time
now I’ve come to my decision
and it’s one of the painful kind
’cause it seems that you wanted a martyr
just a regular guy wouldn’t do
but baby I can’t hang upon
no lover’s cross for you.

Well I really gotta hand it to you
’cause girl, you really tried
but for every time that we spent laughin’
there were two times that I cried
’cause you were trying to make me a martyr
and that’s one thing I just couldn’t do
cause baby I can’t hang upon
no lover’s cross for you.

’cause tables are meant for turnin’
and people are bound to change
and bridges are meant for burnin’
when the people and memories they join
aren’t the same.

Still, I hope that you can find another
who can take what I could not
he’ll have to be a super guy
or maybe a super god.
‘Cause I never was much of a martyr before
and I ain’t ’bout to start nothin’ new
And baby, I can’t hang upon
no lover’s cross for you.

songwriter – Jim Croce

~ all lyrics are the product of my memory. Any discrepancies or divergences from actual fact should not be viewed as errors but as all natural variations proving that I did, in fact, live through the 60’s.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


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