Just Jot It January #1

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Linda over at Lindaghill.com started up the Just Jot It January set of prompts and it looks like fun so let’s have a lash, shall we.

Today’s prompt: Resolutions or anything you want.

I don’t really do resolutions. I don’t think I’ve ever kept one up for more than a few months, so I do “intentions.” I know it sounds funny but it takes some of the pressure off when I “intend” to do things rather than “resolve” to do things. Words are powerful things.

There’s a big one on my list this year and it’s one a lot of people undoubtedly share since it involves the “D” word. That’s right … Diet. This isn’t one of those “I need to lose 20 lbs.” kind of things. I need to straighten out the way I eat, again. I do well for years, then something weird happens and BLAM!! I’m using food (inappropriate unhealthy food) as a crutch, again. This year, it was steroids. Six rounds in 10 months. Yeah, that’s a lot, yeah, it sucks, and yeah, I packed on some weight.

Now I’m overweight by design and nature and have the metabolism of a desert tortoise. I tend to carry 10 pounds more than the “BMI” people would like. That’s OK, but between spinal compaction and those *V!$@#O$#(&!@#$$^%(*@!(@#&$!(#&#@*$ ing steroids, I’m no longer comfortable in my skin.

I intend this year to design an eating program that will allow me to live comfortably and return to my normal pudgy self (about 10 lbs over what the BMI charts recommend). I should also mention that this is not intended to be a short term “diet” but rather a return to the conscious eating plan I have followed for years but slipped away from.

As for the blog, well my only real blogging intention is to just keep on keepin’ on. Psssst, don’t be surprised if a few more food posts find their way in.

This is really an awesome idea Linda, gives me some accountability and I do love a 30 day challenge, just in time to stop the New Year Writing Slump!

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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