The Test

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Thanks to Dark Netizen for this week’s Wacky Weekend Challenge Prompt of “Gift”. Do come join the fun!

The Test

Solanj stood in the room waiting. The walls and floor were bare wood. A huge mirror adorned one wall, affording a reflected view of every angle. Solanj felt, more than saw, the Officers of the Board watching her every move. Another test.

They shoved him in through the opening and quickly locked the heavy metal door behind him. He stared at the door for a moment as if he could melt through it with his gaze. He turned to take in the room, and gave a slight start when he saw Solanj.

“Oh bother” Solanj thought when she caught the look, “so that’s how it is?” The man was much taller and heavier than she. They were both weaponless, at least to casual observation. Solanj knew she had a few weapons secreted about her person and she was sure he had the same.

He suddenly launched himself at her with a snarl. Solanj lightly ducked aside. His haymaker was easily blocked by the reinforced vambrace on her forearm, while she twirled behind him to deliver a rapid succession of kidney punches. She took some shots too, a nearly disastrous blow to the head left her ears ringing and the balance distorted but she recovered soon enough.

There had been no call to desist from the Board as they fought on. Finally, Solanj let him back her against the wall. He was panting and snarling like a deer in rut when Solanj braced her back against the wall, brought one foot up to his chest, launched and whirled so that she was quickly straddling his shoulders, her right leg crooked around his throat. A twist of her entire body brought them both crashing to the ground.

Solanj was faster and kicked off at the last moment, rolling him onto his back and holding him there with a knee on the heart pressure point. Enough pressure and she could stop his heart. He looked up at her, eyes filled with hate and slapped the floor in surrender.

“It’s over whore, let me up.” he growled.

Solanj never took her eyes from him as she delivered the fist punch that collapsed his windpipe while she applied pressure with her knee that was rewarded by the sickening snackity crack of breaking ribs. Solanj released him then. She left him there, drowning in his own blood as she walked over to the mirror checking the cuts on her cheek and lip and dabbing them with her sleeve. Then, she turned and left the room.

“By Gawd, that was something! The girl is absolutely ruthless!” Crowed the gray-haired Chairman.

The matron to his left mused “Lacks a bit of finesse, but all in all a most suitable weapon.”

The Chairman turned to Antieeem, Solanj’s trainer. “Can you train more to this level?”

Antieeem smiled laconically, “Train? No, that girl, ladies and gentlemen, has a gift.”

Word count 479

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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