Wide Eyed Wanderings – Omarama and Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Under cloudy Spring skies, we left Christchurch on the Intercity Bus heading for Queenstown. When traveling a long distance overland the bus is really quite a pleasant way to go. Our driver acted as our guide, pointing out numerous sites and interests along the way. The history of dairy farming, how those trees planted in rows to serve as windbreaks had changed the face of the farmlands. Mostly it’s a fascinating drive through beautiful countryside.

Although largely uneventful, the trip was quiet and serene. We passed miles of pasture lands, numerous sheep, cattle and venison farms. We passed by Lake Tekapo, it’s glacier fed, turquoise waters still under the darkening skies.

We stopped for a break in the tiny town of Omarama, home of the Omarama Merino Sheep. Steadily declining sales of sheep meat and wool have caused the area to shift to more dairy-based industry. 1 Never fear though, the noble Omarama Merino lives on.

After leaving Omarama, there was more rugged sub-alpine tundra to traverse with it’s gently greening ground covers. Until finally reaching our next destination, Queenstown.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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