Fandango’s Provocative Question # 6


Fandango asks another great provocative question this week.

Is technological advancement a net positive or a net negative?”

*insert big shrug here* — dunno. Depends on your perception I suppose. Part of me (the nostalgic really old part) wants to say something sage like “things were so much slower and less stressful before all this technology came out.” But honestly, I’m not sure it’s all that true.

Yes, I miss hand written letters and cards. I miss the “special occasion” feeling of a long telephone conversation with an absent friend. Life seemed to pass more slowly and personal contacts were actual friends not just a list of names on your “follow” or “friends” list. As a society I think we’ve lost a lot of our identity since the rampage of technology has become the focal point of our lives. But … (knew that was coming didn’t you?) I’m old. I miss the simplicity and innocence of youth. I think that’s about it.

It’s easy to see the drawbacks of excessive use of technology, everything from a generation who can’t put together an actual written sentence without IMO, WTF or OMG! Or who have no idea that “google” is a number, not a verb.

Yes, there are drawbacks, but what about the benefits. NOW we’re talking. Personally, I love technology, probably got that from my Dad. I have been in love with the personal computer ever since it replace my thirteen-column pad. I admit that I’ve only recently acquired my first “smart phone” and it’s just a basic model but I love it! It can do so many things and it’s just so stinkin’ handy. Superhubs and I wouldn’t be able to live the life we enjoy so much if we couldn’t work from anywhere in the world. Just as long as we have an internet connection and “data packages” on the cell phones make that even easier.

I grew up with technology development. My father was an Electronic Design Engineer and I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of it all. Daddy gave presentations to schools on laser beam technologies where he showed us all laser beams and explained the basics of light refraction and beam technology. Back then, nobody had seen that little red light before and I just knew it was magic. He talked about how someday doctors would use laser beams to perform delicate surgeries that we couldn’t even imagine back in the 60’s. Today, I am the proud owner of two prosthetic knees and a big ole’ piece of mesh tube propping open an artery. In many ways I owe my life to technology.

Then there’s access to information, and I am an information junkie. When I was a child, I read every volume of our family encyclopedia set and every one at our local library by the time I was 12. Now, that same voracious appetite for “knowledge” follows me to the internet. Yep, I “google” everything, my questions, my dreams, my symptoms, my diagnoses, everything and I. LOVE. IT. I am often referred to as “the repository of all useless knowledge in the galaxy.”

The internet (and access to it) has changed the world for a lot of introverts too. I mean really, it’s the best of both worlds. Personal interaction without having to deal with actual people. Introvert heaven!

So, when I add up the positives and subtract the negatives, I come up with a net positive in my ledger anyway.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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