Just Business

For Dark Neitzen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge # 6

Do check it out and come join in the fun. This week’s prompt: Jelly

bracelet pexels

Solanj entered through the window, quietly as a ghost. She bumped the study door lock and cautiously stepped inside. And came to an abrupt halt. There at the desk sat Sir John Larbech, her target.

He was alone, and he had not spotted her. His head was bent down over the desk, writing something in a frantic scrawl. He was a soulless purveyor of human misery. His brothels were filled with women and children, snatched from the street, mostly poor and without families.

Suddenly, he looked up and saw her standing next to his desk. He jumped in fright and began to blubber, “you’re her aren’t you, The Angel of Death?”

Solanj didn’t speak but she cocked an eyebrow at him, nodding to the old style pistol on his desk. “Planning to beat me to it?”

As if he had only just realized there was a gun before him, Sir Larbech snatched it up and pointed it at Solanj.

Solanj didn’t speak, didn’t blink, but in a move so fast that he never saw it coming, she delivered a hard slap to his face. He still held the gun in shaking hands.

“By my hand or your own it makes no difference to me. Although, pistols are so uncivilized.” Solanj drew her dirk from it’s slim scabbard.

“You don’t understand,” he whined. “I never meant to hurt those women, it was just… business”

Solanj smiled a slyly “after all what’s the death of an occasional whore, it’s just business, and it made you rich. But it matters not, those riches come with a price and now it is time to pay up.” She nodded again toward the pistol. “Make your choice,” silently fingering her dirk.

Sir Larbech turned the pistol, pressed the barrel against his forehead and pulled the trigger. There was a nano-second of crack and splat as a dull scarlet volcano erupted from the back of Sir Larbech’s skull and he slumped forward, gun still held in his hand, creating pool of dirty red on the desk.

Solanj sheathed her dirk and quickly retrieved a small vial from one of her many hidden pockets. She scooped up some of the blood and brain splatter that was oozing down the wall like so much spilled jelly. She capped the vial and placed it back in it’s pocket. That would make a nice little gift for the Viscount, his niece had been avenged.

Solanj quickly opened the window and made her way down the trellis. “Angel of Death” nice ring to it, she mused.

Word count 424

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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