A Win/Win Situation

kira sun scribbles 12.16.18

A short piece of fiction for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles, Thanks Kira for the prompt.

A Win/Win Situation

“Captain,” shouted the XO Sheridan, “there’s a Teterian Brome Beast directly below us sir. Shall we engage?”

“Sheridan, calm down,” responded the Captain “they’re harmless enough. In fact they’re usually beneficial to the settlements in the long term.”

XO Sheridan was puzzled she had only been aboard the Flaming Onion scout ship for a short time and this was the first potential action they had seen. She masked her disappointment and queried, “beneficial how sir?”

“Well, it’s like this,” began the Captain, walking over to the observation window and motioning XO Sheridan to join him. They stood together looking down at the beast while the Captain continued his dialogue. “Do you see the eyes and face of the beast?” He gestured to the undulating mound of silica rock beneath them. “This is a sentient being, it is simply doing what it does.”

XO Sheridan was still befuddled, she saw the face, granted that it may be sentient but how on earth was is useful? It was so strange looking all black and white and gray compared to the colorful landscaping of the rest of Teteria. “I’m sorry sir, but I still don’t see how’s it’s useful.”

“That” pointed the Captain “was once a Teterian rubbish heap. The Brome Beast devours the rubbish, turning it into silican crystals and purifying the soil beneath it. It sucks out the toxins for food, processes them into crystals thus feeding itself and serving the greater good. The Teterians come and pry out the larger crystals for use in all kinds of functions. Some are used as art objects in gardens, the smaller, harder, ones have industrial applications. It’s a win/win for the Teterian home world.”

XO Sheridan nodded solemnly, “Thank you for the lesson sir. Shall we record our observations and depart?”

The Captain smiled, “No XO, first we give our friend down there a treat. Prepare to dump all space trash on my mark.”

Word Count 321

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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