The Governor’s Ball

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For Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge.  This week’s prompt:  Canine

The Governor’s Last Ball

Solanj checked the full-length mirror one final time. The costume was perfect. Hair extension, lifts in the low-heeled boots, elaborate makeup and partial mask combined into an effective disguise. She twisted the long hair into a sloppy bun and secured it with her kanzashi.

The skin tight leather leggings and elaborate bodice that left her midriff bare should guarantee the Governor’s attention. Solanj arrived at the ball shortly after the beginning hour and blended quickly in with the crowd. It did not take her long to spot her quarry, a short, squat man, graying at the temples and sporting a vampire costume.

“One of the undead, how ironic,” Solanj thought silently, “for soon you will be one of the very dead.”

It did not take long for the Governor to make his way to her as she wandered among the erotic sculptures decorating the mansion.  A breathy whisper came from behind her, followed by a wisp of foul breath. “Do you like the sculpture my dear?”

Solanj turned to look into the greasy face of the Governor and lied “why yes, it is exquisite, look here at the lines and smooth finish.”

The Governor grabbed her hand, pressed his wet lips to it and spoke, “I am Travian Rangulis, welcome to my party. I have other examples of sculpture on the upper level, would you care to take a private tour?”

Solanj put on her most vacuous smile and linked her arm through his “oh yes, very much,” she gushed.

The Governor led Solanj up the stairs to a private chamber filled with various pornographic artworks. Yes, everything she had learned about this horrid little man was true, no wonder the Company wanted him dead. He came up behind her wrapping his arms around her bare waist and kissed her neck. Solanj felt the scrape of the grossly elongated fake canine teeth he wore as part of his costume.

Solanj slowly spun, not pulling away, and reached around to undo the messy bun of her hair. The Governor smiled in anticipation. She let the extension ridden mass of hair fall long down her back.

“Beautiful,” the Governor sighed.

With the swiftness of a rattlesnake, Solanj twirled her kanzashi and struck the pressure point just above the collar bone.

The Governor sunk to his knees, “what is this, what have you done? D-d-don’t kill me.” His beady black eyes bulged in horror as he realized he couldn’t move.

“You’re already dead.” Solanj stood looking down at the pathetic excuse of a man and smiled. When the Governor toppled over, she check his pulse and replaced her hairpin. Opening the window she climbed out, along the ledge, over the wall and was gone, just like the ghost she was named for.

Word count 461

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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