White Elephants Day late but here they are

OK, sorry this is late but things are a little whack right now. We’re traveling, still. Migrating might be a better description. Heading south to spend the winter. It involves driving about 5 hours a day which is a lot for me and once we get stopped, unpacked, eat, and it’s time for bed. OK, enough of my whining. Teresa over at the haunted wordsmith nominated me for the White Elephant challenge you can find the rules there. Even though it’s a day late, here are my contributions.

To Melanie over at Sparks from a combustible mind mind I gift this lovely Doggie yoga book because I think both she and hunydog would enjoy it. Plus it’s funny.


For Kristian over at Tales from the mind of Kristian. A Dr. Strange suit. Don’t ask me why but I just have this feeling that somewhere in that deep, insightful mind lurks a brilliant/deranged sorcerer. 😉 😉

Dr. Strange

And for any and all of you who are reading this, because, let’s face it, you’re awesome! A copy of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird because every writer should read it, at least once. It’s funny and insightful, just like all of you.

bird by bird

So merry ho ho ho and so forth. Have fun. Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


7 thoughts on “White Elephants Day late but here they are

  1. Ohmmmmmm Ohmmmm OH MY! 😀 What a great gift! I’ll be sure to get Huny right on the schedule and maybe we’ll both be a little more peaceful? Thank you so much! And you reminded me that I need to read “Bird by Bird” because I have it, but I’ve never gotten round to opening it. This time of year is a PERFECT time to do just that! 🙂

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