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For Dark Netizen’s  Wacky Weekend Challenge # 4 – Shower


Solanj stood in the shower watching the red water sluicing off her body, blood rinsing down the drain. Blood, her blood. Well, not all her’s but still, it was enough. Solanj reached for the anti-bacterial soap and winced at the hot pain in her shoulder.

A wound, not as serious as it might have been but wounds were inconvenient, they were a weakness, an indication of some flaw in her carefully laid plan. How had this gone wrong? Solanj mused as the water turned to pink and then clear as it washed her clean, replaying the fight in her mind.

She kicked the stun pistol from his hand, but he had instantly drawn a wicked looking curved blade with the other. Problem 1 – emissaries did NOT carry knives. He had the longer reach and she’d gotten slashed as she’d taken him down.

One foot holding his knife hand at a distance, she had struck with her own blade in what should have been a lethal stab. And had come away with her blade barely marred by his blood. Hell’s bells, a direct thrust to the chest and she was bleeding more than he. Problem 2 – a stab-proof vest. Why would he wear that?

They had grappled around a bit more, she’d gotten in a few decent slashes hence the blood. Ultimately she got her legs around him, held him in a leglock and with a sturdy flip, snapped his neck. Problems solved.

But it was sloppy, and Solanj HATED sloppy. The plan was adequate, but the intel was sloppy. Solanj dried herself with a towel. Tomorrow she would have words with Brem about this. For now she took the needle and floss from her first aid kit and began stitching up the wound.

word count 295

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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