Let’s play 20 questions. OK how about 17.


I have had a rather disappointing day. Visit with Dr. this morning did NOT go as I wanted and I’m filled with questions and frustrations. So, to snap myself out of my rather maudlin frame of mind, I thought I’d answer some of Teresa’s questions from the haunted wordsmith

Today’s Questions:

  1. Do you prefer to type, write with a pen, or write with a pencil?
  2. If you had to stay up all night, what is one thing that would keep you awake?
  3. Kermit the Frog – Muppets or Sesame Street (versions)?
  4. If you died in ancient Egypt, would your heart be lighter than a feather?
  5. Mythology: Greek, Norse, Roman, or another culture?
  6. What sport would you watch in person but never on television?
  7. If you had a tag line for your life, what would it be?
  8. How do you like your chicken (besides cooked)?
  9. If your kitchen could talk, would it have a horror story?
  10. If you could spend one day with any actor/actress where would you go and what would you do?
  11. What is your favorite museum to visit?
  12. What is the most exotic place you would like to see?
  13. Eco travel – would you be caught zip lining through the Amazon, sleeping in an ice cave in the North, or volunteering in the Galapagos?
  14.  What is your favorite flower?
  15. Do you like your birthstone? (If no, which month do you like better?)
  16. You struck gold, but it’s not your mine…what do you do?
  17. Would you have survived the Oregon Trail?

  1. Type, it hurts my hands less and writing with instruments, but I sketch with a pencil and write notes/grocery lists with a pen so…. you figure it out.
  2. There are many, many things that keep me up all night but not intentionally. I’d have to say Superhubs. We can talk, and talk, and talk, all night long. Once he called me from a business trip because he couldn’t get to sleep and had to get up in a few hours and was afraid if he went to sleep he wouldn’t hear the alarm. We talked right up until he had to leave for his flight. Yeah, lots of years later and we’re still like that.
  3. I love them both but if I have to choose I’d say Muppets. My favorite Christmas carol is by Kermit, but let’s face it he’s answered so many of life’s questions through both, cause ya know, it ain’t easy being green.
  4. Yep. I am one of those shockingly, sometimes brutally, honest people. The feather and I we’d be even at best.
  5. Wow, that’s tough. They all have had such an impact on our world and I love them all. If I were forced to make a choice though, I’d say Native American. Most of the stories/myths are practical and charming and there’s not as much anger and fighting amongst the spirits/gods. Go read Coyote Places the Stars.
  6. None, I despise live games/races, etc. Too. many. people.
  7. Mostly magic, wee bit tragic and it did not go as planned.
  8. Rotisserie with a little bbq seasoning white meat only, no skin.
  9. Yes, and it involves steaming broccoli without water, enough said.
  10. Gene Wilder. A really good coffee shop and talk about life and love and loss. I bet he’s got some awesome stories.
  11. Bob Richardson’s Transport World in Invercargil, NZ. AWESOME!!
  12. The Shire and yeah, I’ve seen it.
  13. I’d have to say galapagos cause I’m not zip lining anywhere and ice caves are too, well, cold.
  14. I adore it although I am also partial to Feb. and Aug.
  15. Drop everything and RUN before they get back.
  16. Nope, I am waaaay too sensitive and sickly.

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