Ghost of Christmas Past

3.26.18 My view this morning (4)

Inspired by Melanie over at Sparksfromacombustiblemind

Ghost of Christmas Past

On a dark and chilly winter’s night
when sleep had come at last
I had a dream of memories
the ghost of Christmas past

She placed her spectral hand in mine
and bade me come along
for I had naught to fear she said
from ancient memories and song

I heard the choir singing
their songs of love and light
I heard Christmas bell a’ringing,
saw snow so deep and white

“This isn’t how it was” I said
“This is not my memory”
“No, this is what you dreamed of.”
the spirit said to me.

“For memories are often dreams
wished for in our darkest hours.
We tint them rose and decorate
with fragile tissue paper flowers.”

Remember darling girl
there are few answers in the past
so celebrate the dawning day
and treasure it while it lasts.”

When I woke, I found more happiness
than I had known in recent hours
A new day just was dawning, tinted rose
and hung with tissue paper flowers.


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