Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge 2 – The Explosion

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Check out the Wacky Weekend Challenge over at the Dark Netizen, fun stuff.

This week’s prompt: Explosion

The explosion went as planned. A huge fireball with copious amounts of harmless smoke and little lasting damage but it drew off the sentries. Solanj walked calmly up to the embassy door, glanced about making sure she was unseen and entered.

Three guards stood outside the Governor’s office. Stealth was impossible so this needed to be quick and quiet. She shrugged herself into character and slightly staggered toward the first of the guards. “Help me,” she pleaded, eyes soft and vulnerable “the explosion,” as she let her body sag against the guard who instinctively reached out to catch her. That’s when she drove her dirk straight into his kidney. He quietly slumped forward.

The second guard saw his mate fall and rushed to help. Solanj quickly unwound her bracelet, looped the strings around the guard’s throat, twisted and pulled. He fell silently.

Unfortunately, the third guard appeared around the corner and quickly assessed the scene. Solanj in the middle of two dead guards. He pulled a large hunting knife and waved it in the air at Solanj. She smiled, took a stance and beckoned him with a crooked finger.

He ran at her, his feral smile showing bared teeth. Solanj drove her heel right into them. She kicked hard enough that something crunched and the guard dropped to his knee and spat blood and teeth. He got back to his feet and charged her again. Solanj grabbed a small brass candlestick from a side table. She neatly side stepped his charge, and rammed her booted heel sideways into his knee. The guard shrieked in pain and surprised. He never felt the blow on the back of the skull from the weighted candlestick that ended his life.

Solanj dropped the candlestick and headed down the hall. Now, for the Governor.

word count 299

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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