Wednesday Wanderings — Honen-in graveyard and Otoyo Jinga, Kyoto, Japan

Although the Honen-in temple had been too badly damaged by the recent typhoon to access, the graveyard behind it was relatively undamaged and provided a bounty of photo ops.

Graveyard 1

Parts of the hillside were closed off due to damage from the typhoon but much remained intact.

graveyard 2

Beautiful and elaborate memorials ranging from traditional

graveyard 4

To contemporary adorn the hillside

graveyard 5

After leaving the graveyard and Honen-in grounds, we headed for Otoyo jinga one of my very favorite shrines.

temple 1

My love of Otoyo jinga stems from several reasons, it’s navigable size and relative obscurity being among them. But also the number of lesser shrines included within the grounds. Here the hawk and monkey shrines share common ground.

temple 2

And, of course the ultra simple Snake shrine which holds special meaning for me as the snake is my spirit animal. I go to this tiny shrine every time I come to Japan.

temple 3

The ever present Kitsune (Fox) shrine

temple 4

And the Mouse shrine

temple 5temple 6

As we leave Otoyo jinga I will always remember to delight in the ordinary.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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