The Asylum


For Crimsons creative challenge 1 Thanks for the prompt.

The Asylum

Solanj stood outside the asylum, staring. She felt the tingling along her spine, a forewarning of approaching danger. No sound. With one smooth move, Solanj whirled, kicked out and swept the assassin’s feet from under him. With a flourish, she brandished her butterfly knife and held it at the assassin’s throat.

“Wait” cried the assassin. “You can’t kill me. That was a church, this is sacred ground.” Seeing the contemptuous look she gave him, he shuddered. “Don’t you believe in God?”

Solanj pressed the knife deeper. “In there lies my twin, trapped within her own mind by the ravages perpetrated upon us both. For years I prayed, I bargained, I sacrificed but no God listened.” Solanj shook her head slightly “Oh, I believe in God all right, and I hate the bastard.” With a single motion, she slit the assassin’s throat, cleaned and re-sheathed her blade as she walked inside.

Word count: 150

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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