Philosophers Walk and Honen-in temple, Kyoto Japan

Not far from our hotel lay the path known as the Philosophers Walk.

20181017_120028 (2)

The walk is lined with cherry tries and lovely scenery. In the early fall, the foliage is just starting to change in preparation for autumn’s brilliant show.

20181017_120614 (2)

The path follows the canal, allowing for much quiet reflection and meditation. It is the perfect spot to practice walking meditation.


The path also provides ample opportunity for that other favorite pastime … shopping, with quaint little boutique shops.

20181017_121423 (2)

Tea houses and restaurants at the end of the walk provide well deserved refreshment and examples of more modern architecture.


After a repast of coffee and snacks, we headed back out to the Honen-in temple.


and back to the ancient monuments and backgrounds.

20181017_122128 (2)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the temple grounds were closed due to typhoon damage but we did find the zen sand drawings

20181017_122447 (2)

Water features,

20181017_122959 (2)

And an old cemetery filled with remarkable stone monuments – more on that next time.

20181017_123624 (2)

One of the things I have found in my travels is that the importance of green space should never be underestimated. Places of nature, where one can go and, if not be alone, at least be still. Places to breathe and think. To meditate and dream.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP



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