The Squirrel – Multi prompt story

bracelet pexels

Solanj sat in the waiting room, waiting. They called him “the archivist.” She called him “the Squirrel.” He was always finding odd, rare this and that and tucking them away for the proper occasion, or person. He had amassed a great fortune that way. Great enough to be able to afford Solanj’s services.

Solanj fidgeted with her bracelet for a moment. Her only prized possession, it’s purple silk threads and braided silver wire wrapped around her wrist in a unique design. She smiled slightly, knowing how her subtle skill set had advanced her career. The assignments she undertook required stealth, power and no small degree of finesse.

At last, the secretary invited her in. The Squirrel’s inner office was impressive. As was the massive desk and credenza. Solanj noted that the entire office held no personal mementos. No awards, not a single picture anywhere. No hints as to his real life or identity. He nodded his greeting without ever getting within touching distance of her.

“Smart man,” Solanj thought.

Solanj was not a patient woman by nature and quickly demanded, “What service do you request of me?”

He smiled, that confident, calm, sophisticated smile of his. “Why a life of course. What other service could possibly call for the skills of an assassin such as yourself?”

Written for the following prompts:

picture – House of Bailey
advanced  FOWC
finesse – word of the day
unique  – One daily prompt
squirrel – ragtag community daily prompt

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP


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