Pitch to the Rhino

coffee - Jason Wong on Unsplash

I was reading my fellow RVer site over at random bits of trial and error recently about how to eat an elephant. Got me thinking about the other side of the equation. For me it’s always been “what do you do with an elephant with 3 balls? Walk him and pitch to the rhino.”

While “one bite at a time” is how you tackle an overwhelming problem, “pitch to the rhino” has been our family saying for many, many years. When my son would complain about this or that injustice or unfairness, I’d say “What do you do with an elephant with three balls?” He’d roll his eyes and reply “walk him and pitch to the rhino.” In our family this is code for “take the hit as a gift.”

Take the hit as a gift, is the philosophy of a martial arts teacher/friend from many years ago. He taught that a hit is inevitable. Sooner or later, you’re going to get hit. The trick is to take the hit, reroute the energy, and make it work for you.

As a full-time traveling spoonie, this is something I practice on a daily basis. When fatigue, weather, and illness hit. I take it as a gift. A day off, lying around the hotel room, taking whirlpool baths, blogging, reading and resting instead of rushing off to see yet another sacred temple, statue, or the biggest ball of yarn, is not the end of the world. There are wonders and beauty aplenty out there and I have lots of time to enjoy them. So I will take this hit as a gift and use the energy to my benefit.

So, the next time you’re dealing with the unfairness of life and chronic illness, remember the elephant, walk him and pitch to the rhino. Take the hit as a gift.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

2 thoughts on “Pitch to the Rhino

  1. I love this quote and will definitely start using it. I kind of needed to hear it this morning as it’s one of ‘those’ lovely spoonless days. So, I’ll walk the elephant and pitch it to the rhino, because it truly IS a gift, and I’ll bet two to one the rhino isn’t vegan! Take care. Dawn

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