Philosophy and Poetry

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Blame it on the cool, misty weather. Blame it on travel fatigue. No matter what I blame it on, I’m feeling philosophical today and we all know philosophy and poetry go hand in hand.

When I was young, I received a book of poetry by Helen Steiner-Rice. After four decades, I still remember my favorite stanza. “Only believe that the flowers will bloom, for perhaps that’s the reason they do.”

Over the years I’ve come to begin to understand the difference between “truth” and “fact”. These days, we are bombarded from every direction with “truths”, “facts”, “beliefs” and “opinions.” It’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. To quote Obi-wan Kenobi “You will find that many of the truths we hold depend greatly on our own point of view.”

The thing is, it’s all true. And it’s all untrue. I have long abandoned the search for “truth” and am sticking simply to my own beliefs. Whether or not something is true has nothing to do with whether or not I believe it. I have at times been asked “What DO you believe in?” So, here it is.

I Believe

I believe in fairies and dragons
I believe in magic and karma
and that music is a window to the soul

I believe that people are basically good
that everyone does the best they can
with what they have at the time.

I believe that honesty and kindness
mean everything
And that money and power mean nothing.

I believe that good will always
triumph over evil
and that a smile is the universal language

I believe that love will find a way
that there’s someone for everyone
and that true love never dies.

I do not believe these things because they are “true.” I believe them because these are the things that are worth believing in. It’s a system of beliefs that enables me to get up each morning, shake off the aches and pains, and cherish the day. Each of us must decide for ourselves what we will believe. “Fact” or “Truth” make no difference. It is our beliefs that define us. May you find something to believe in.

~till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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