Wide-Eyed World Adventure 10 – Kurama-dera

We headed north to the mountains and the Kurama-dera Temple, home of the Tengu Spirits. The surroundings change as we leave Kyoto proper on the train.

20181015_105656 (2)

becoming more open and lush as we go along.

20181015_111659 (2)

Damage from the recent typhoon is clearly evident as we travel.

20181015_113205 (2)

20181015_114141 (2)

We were sorry to learn that the main temple and much of the grounds were closed due to typhoon damage in the hills and even the town of Kurama had not been spared although damage was mostly cleared by now.

20181015_114816 (2)

We found the large Tengu statue and proceeded to the Temple proper.

20181015_115819 (2)

The wires are supports for the nose. A few years ago, unseasonably heavy snows caused the nose to break off and precautions have been taken to prevent a repeat catastrophe.


20181015_115740 (2)

The main entrance to the temple is open and you can still get quite a ways up the trail.

20181015_130537 (2)

Which is steep.

20181015_130708 (2)


We passed a number of smaller temples which were closed off due to the typhoon damage.

20181015_131910 (2)

Finally came to the dragon well. All Shinto temples have a well for washing prior to entering the temple.

20181015_132040 (2)

Farther up the stairway walk, lies a series of small shrines and this HUGE and venerable pine tree.

20181015_132317 (2)

At the end of the accessible trail is one of the larger, lesser shrines,

20181015_132553 (2)

A natural fountain that fascinates me just looks like something the Tengu would create.

20181015_132725 (2)

And of course, the prayer tree/wish tree. The wire structure next to the sacred stone holds slips of paper on which dreams, wishes, and prayers are written. Then the paper is folded and tied to the “tree” to be answered.

20181015_132853 (2)

Even with most of the temple closed, it was well worth the walk and a delightful trip.

Till next time ~Peace



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