A Spitting Image

This is a mix of three prompt challenges and I’m kind of mixing days. I’m in an odd time zone here in Kyoto, Japan and the prompts sometimes overlap from when I start them in the early morning to when I finish them in the afternoon, so I’m just going with it.

10.20.18 DWC 19

“What the …?” Princess Pei Pei looked around in confusion. The windows were covered in curtains with a delicate floral motif. The same pattern shown on the coverlet and pillow shams. “Dear me, I’m in paisley floral Hell,” she thought.

This was NOT the palace of the Red Queen. “How did I get here?” She thought back, she had been answering a summons from the Red Queen and had elected to travel by magic mirror. Stupid mirror, it had sent her to the wrong location. Pei Pei marched over to the mirror hanging on the wall and said “meow, mrrrow, mrffwrw, mrrrowwwwww, hissssss.”

What in the seven shades of blue was going on? Pei Pei pinched her arm, thinking perhaps a dream. Wait a minute. That was FUR. Pei Pei looked into the mirror at her own reflection. Oh that stupid, worthless, egotistical mirror had not only sent her to the wrong spot, it had transformed her into a CAT.

Well, this was a deplorable predicament. She glared at the mirror repeating the magical phrase and stating her destination three times. “Meow, Meow, Meow.” Which in Pei Pei’s mind meant, “Red Queen, Red Queen, Red Queen.” No response. “FINE!” Pei Pei spat a fierce hiss at the mirror.

“Where the devil are Ches and that dratted Hatter when I need them?” Pei Pei began to pace the floor. The Red Queen would have her head for failing to appear. Suddenly, she noticed a nebulous misty smile appear in a corner of the room. As her gaze traveled from the image to the floor, she saw a small square object. Pei Pei strolled over to the object. Ahhh, Transkuchen! She pounced and devoured the little cake. Hmmmm, she began to grow and in moments was transformed back into her normal slithery self. She nodded her triangular head and slithered her way back to the mirror scales rustling in agitation. “Sssssstupid smirror” she hissed indignantly as she slithered her way back through the mirror.

Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Writing Challenge (for the 19th)

and for FOWC – for 20th – Fierce

and for the Word of the Day Challenge for the 19th deplorable

Thanks for reading, till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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