Movie Madness


Penelope Anne was a beautiful child. As she grew to a young woman, everyone told her she should be a movie star. She loved acting and her drama class, she was the president of the drama club and known as quite a scene stealer.

For her eighteenth birthday, her parents gave her a ticket to Los Angeles, where she planned to seek her fame and fortune. Within a few months she had secured a few minor rolls in off-off-off-off Broadway plays for the local amateur theater. She loved it but was finding it too much of a challenge to meet the monthly rent.

She finally secured employment at the tiny “Olde Tyme Theater” in the seedier section of town. Penelope Anne could sit and watch any movie she wanted after everyone was seated. She watched them all reel after reel, Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy, The Road to Singapore, and so many others. She loved to sing along and knew many of the old movies by heart.

One night as she was watching an old Ma and Pa Kettle movie, Penelope Anne fell asleep and had the most astounding dream. She was IN the movie. In a dirt floor cabin. She was frightened, how did she get here? Where was here? She ran around the cabin, trying every door and window, none would open. She was TRAPPED! Penelope Anne ran around the room again, and again. Finally, she hyperventilated in terror and finally collapsed on the floor. “Wake up!” she screamed “WAKE UP!” But, there was no awakening. Finally she opened her tear filled eyes and looked out at an audience, spell bound by her performance.

“Help me!” she called, no answer. “Help me PLEASE!” No response.

With a shocking clarity, Penelope Anne knew what had happened. She was trapped in a silent movie.

For FOWC – Challenge

And The Haunted Wordsmith – Daily Writing Challenge 18 reel, scene, star.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP



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