Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 8 Osaka Mint

We walked across the Yodo river in Osaka to the Osaka Mint Museum.


Located on the grounds of the working mint, the museum is housed in a separate western style building which was converted to use as a museum in 1969. Due to the fortunes of fate, a couple of wrong turns, and kismet, we missed the English speaking tour of the museum but elected to take the self guided version.

20181012_140450 (2)

The entrance to the old mint is impressive in itself with iron railings and gate which were originally purchased for a zoo intended for the grounds of Osaka Castle. When the planning for the zoo fell through, they were donated to the mint.

20181012_140508 (2)

Our traveling companion speaks Japanese well and reads a bit as well so we did pick up some of the descriptions but you don’t really have to understand the notations or be a numismatist to appreciate the progression of design,

20181012_134045 (2)20181012_133426 (2)

or the art work.

20181012_133928 (2)

And of course, the modern day specialty coins.

20181012_134630 (2)

Yep, that’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite!

20181012_134615 (2)

All in all a fascinating look into some of Japan’s history.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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