Wide-Eyed World Adventure 7 – Osaka Castle

Under a slightly grey cloudy sky, we set out to see Osaka Castle. The first thing I was struck by as we approached is the sheer mass of the castle and surrounding grounds.

1 Castle Gate

The surrounding grounds and lands have been made into a park and museum. The monolithic stones used in the construction of the main wall are frightening to contemplate.

2 Huge Stones3 Hugh stone

The rebuild took place in 1620 and the engineering required to shift that much rock with the tools of the time boggles the mind.  

4 Main tower

The main tower is beautifully designed inside and out. But I have trouble getting past the physical labor that was involved in the stonework alone.

5 stonework

The view from the top of the main tower is awesome.

6 view from the tower

As always though, there is the reminder of what this castle, and for that matter any castle really was. Military installations, complete with all the pain and death and horror of war. Reality stinks sometimes.

8 Hidoyori grave

But ultimately, the castle has left behind a rich legacy of Japanese culture and beautiful grounds for today’s people to enjoy.

7 Osaka Castle

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

2 thoughts on “Wide-Eyed World Adventure 7 – Osaka Castle

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures with candour and humour (yes, I spell humor the Canadian way) and for taking still time to read and respond to my last poem. I have not left town like you, and still I find it hard to find time to write these days. Your kind comment was appreciated. Sounds like you are having the trip of a lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank’s so much. It’s a lot of fun traveling but yes it does get a bit challenging to squeeze in a post. I really enjoy your poetry and it’s quite lovely to come back to the room after a day of adventuring (prop my feet up) and enjoy some posts.


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